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Convince your clients in “your own” industry4.0 demonstration plant

Proof of performance and value of your solutions in the industry4.0 environment

As supplier of industry4.0 solutions, you not only need to supply your clients with products that are appropriate to market requirements but show and educate them about its use in the production process, too. A successful marketing includes application of tools for evaluating customer solutions as well as qualified employees. Our simulation environment offers a highly flexible infrastructure, which can be configured and used for various applications and purposes. Common and tested fields of application include, among other things, demonstrations of functionality and usability, internal and external qualification in the didactic environment of an educational factory and evaluations of industry4.0.

Qualification / Learning factory

- How can qualification of employees be a part of digital transformation towards a smart factory?

- How can qualification of clients in regard to handling cyber-physical production systems be carried out?

The hybrid simulation environment offers a realistic learning environment. The production-like conditions achieve a high level of immersion and assist in identifying potentials of industry4.0 solutions. Internal training (for example in service by debugging and troubleshooting components as part of a system) may improve the effectivity of your employees.
The hybrid simulation environment allows the mapping of different production scenarios and organizational forms. Based on the flexibility of the solution, you may offer your clients target-oriented customer-specific training variations for different target groups, e.g. production managers, foremen and machine operators. This will improve acceptance for your solution and help it succeed!

Showcases / Demonstrations

- How can clients learn about the full potential of industry4.0 with assistance of my solutions?

- How can the benefit of my products be displayed effectively and comprehensibly?

Offer your clients something special! You can present the benefits of your customer-specific solutions simply by implementing them in your own simulation factory. The immersive proof of performance and the high level of customer participation support the process of providing a customer-specific solution. Meanwhile, acceptance barriers of future operators may be dismantled by education and interaction, thus increasing success during implementation of your solution.
By quickly removing or adding elements, different versions and scenarios - with or without I4.0 solutions - can be created. Those easy to adapt demonstration environments allow a direct comparison of modified alternatives. Change, impact and improvement are demonstrated coherently and comprehensibly.

Industry 4.0

- How can you evaluate the benefits of new technologies for my production plant?

- How can you test alternative production organizations without affecting the operation?

Complement the development of your product and its implementation by adding an efficient testing environment in your own production plant. On top of that, you can gain insights by analyzing products and offerings of your competition.
The highly flexible simulation environment offers various fields of application and possible combinations of industry4.0 components. Furthermore, the replication of current production environments allows comparisons to different alternatives and improvements in regard to current problems and potentials.

The individual version of our demonstration platform for you:

The infrastructure is individually adapted to your needs. During the joint conception phase, your requirements for the simulation environment are assessed. We then present you with possible solution alternatives. In the third step, the project is implemented.

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