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Support scientific research in "your" industry 4.0 demonstration platform

Applied research and effective communication of results through the hybrid industry 4.0 simulation environment

Successful and contemporary research requires the use of modern research tools and methods. Our demonstration environment offers a highly flexible infrastructure that can be configured for different purposes and scenarios and is therefore a suitable research and communication tool for a wide range of research questions.

Research / Experiment / Validate

- How can the simulation environment be used across different research questions and topics?

- How can experiments and data collection be realized?

The fast realisation of experimental setups allows Low-cost analysis of different implementation stages of I4.0 in one scenario. The arbitrary controllability of the autonomy and decentralized decision making of the objects offers a strong personalization and adaptability of the simulation environment to cover desired areas of application. The ability to investigate many different research questions in a laboratory environment with high degrees of freedom is provided.
The research on the characteristics of a production system without being in the factory and a high practical relevance by the complete mapping of the entire automation pyramid from ERP to SPS enable low-cost evaluation of own prototypes and software systems on each level of the automation pyramid. In this context the exact repeatability of experiments through comprehensive control of various test parameters represents the scientific foundation. By providing an open model for all objects, processes, procedures and user activities, the immediate data-based evaluation of individual research questions is made possible.

Communicate / Present

- How can research results be communicated using the simulation environment?

- How can concepts and prototypes be demonstrated using the simulation environment?

The simulation environment allows easy switching between a variety of different showcases. Demonstrations can thus be adapted quickly and individually. The illustration of the interaction of the elements of modern production systems can thus be adapted to the individual situation of the interested party. Thus research results can be communicated and presented in concrete scenarios.
Due to the easy adaptability of the demonstration environment comparative simulations can be realized. By quickly removing and adding elements, different variants of scenarios can be created. Changes, effects and value contribution are shown effectively and comprehensibly. The greater realism of the simulation through the integration of real systems and modelling of single activities up to complete industrial processes and value chains enables efficient simulation and comparison of objects under investigation.

Teaching / Qualification

- How can concepts be developed to ensure successful knowledge transfer in complex industry 4.0 projects?

- How can researchers and students be qualified as part of the digital transformation to the intelligent factory?

The hybrid simulation environment provides a realistic factory environment. Due to production-like environmental conditions and the complete mapping of the entire automation pyramid from ERP to SPS, a very high level of practical relevance and a high level of human immersion in the I4.0 value creation networks (in the Socio Technical System) and depicted production processes is achieved. The targeted identification of potentials of industry 4.0 solutions is thus made possible at low cost.
The hybrid simulation environment enables the mapping of different production scenarios and forms of organisation. The flexibility of the solution allows the goal oriented and adaptable training of researchers and students.

The Individual Version Of Our Demonstration Platform For You:

The infrastructure is individually adapted to your needs. During the joint conception phase, your requirements for the simulation environment are assessed. We then present you with possible solution alternatives. In the third step, the project is implemented.

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