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Overview of topics and target groups

The Learning Factory in the Application Center Industry 4.0 offers one-day or several-day training courses, workshops and further training measures on a wide range of topics for developing skills and informing employees about industry 4.0 for companies, trade unions, schools and the second educational pathway. In addition to human-centered and automated production, the industrial Internet of Things or organizational principles and control procedures, the focus is on the development of various competence facets and industry4.0-induced opportunities at the strategic corporate level. The conception and preparation of the topics is designed for participation, so that interested target and stakeholder groups can consciously gather experience and participate to the highest degree. 
In addition to individual thematic wishes, our portfolio also includes training on the following topics:
    - The digital factory
    - Effects of industry4.0 on employees and working contexts
    - Competences in Industry4.0
    - Opportunities and Potentials - Business Models 4.0
    - Human-Robot Collaboration
    - IIoT as standard of the future
Our dual didactic approach is characterized equally by theoretical and practical teaching and presentation content. This makes it possible to tailor the didactic measures precisely to the needs of the respective partner companies or to the individual starting situations of different target groups.