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Encouraging the digital transformation in production and implementing your visions effectively

Establishing Your Own Industry4.0-Factory - Your Path Towards A Successful Solution

To realize the full promise of an industry4.0 environment, it strongly requires further development of existing production-systems. A successful migration strategy needs qualified employees as well as advanced tools for identifying and evaluating optimal solutions. Our simulation environment offers a highly flexible infrastructure, which can be configured and used for various applications and purposes. Common and tested fields of application include, among other things, qualification in the didactic environment of an educational factory, demonstrations of internal benefits and functionality as well as evaluations of industry4.0.

Qualification / Learning factory

- How can qualification of employees be a part of digital transformation towards a smart factory?

- How can qualification of clients in regard to handling cyber-physical production systems be carried out?

The hybrid simulation environment offers a realistic factory setting: As a result of a lifelike manufacturing environment, the improved immersion allows participants to apply learning content directly onto their own factory environment. Thus, the identification of potentials of industry4.0-solutions is achieved effortlessly.
Various production scenarios and forms of organization can be portrayed by the hybrid simulation environment. It therefore offers a highly divers set of learning content, associated skills and competences. In effort to focus on different target audiences, for example production managers, supervisor and machine operators, those training scenarios can be easily adjusted to fit the right purpose.

Showcases / Demonstrations

- Is there a way to demonstrate the synergy between current and future technologies in my own production process?

- How can the impact of advanced technologies and concepts be pointed out?

The hybrid simulation environment allows easy exchange between numerous entirely different showcases. Therefore, demonstrations can easily be adjusted to suit the individual situation of the prospected customer and help visualize the synergy between elements of modern production systems.
By quickly removing or adding elements, different versions and scenarios can be created. Those easy to adapt demonstration environments allow a direct comparison of modified alternatives. Change, impact and improvement are demonstrated coherently and comprehensibly.

Industry 4.0

- How can you evaluate the benefits of new technologies for my production plant?

- How can you test alternative production organizations without
affecting the operation?

Evaluation of technology in our hybrid simulation environment has little or no effect on the operative value-added process. Still, integration of potential technology can be implemented easily thanks to the open environment.
The highly flexible simulation environment enables a multitude of combinations and applications of industry4.0 components. The replication of the current manufacturing environment enables the testing of different approaches with regard to current problems and new potentials.

The individual version of our demonstration platform for you:

The infrastructure is individually adapted to your needs. During the joint conception phase, your requirements for the simulation environment are assessed. We then present you with possible solution alternatives. In the third step, the project is implemented.

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