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Effectively communicate educational goals to different target groups

Your way to an innovative educational institution for modern production environments

Successful and contemporary education requires the use of modern learning tools. Our demonstration environment offers you a highly flexible infrastructure. You can configure different scenarios for several tasks. Typical areas of application include qualification in the learning factory, the learning factory as a didactic concept and industry4.0 educational evaluation.

Qualification in the Learning Factory

- How can you efficiently train employees in Industry 4.0?

- How do you qualify employees as part of the digital transformation and the intelligent factory?

The hybrid simulation environment offers a realistic learning environment. The production-like conditions achieve a high level of immersion. This simplifies the transfer of learning content to the participants' own factory environment. In this way, an easy identification of potentials in industry4.0 solutions is made possible.
The hybrid simulation environment allows the mapping of different production scenarios and organizational forms. The flexibility of the demonstrator system not only offers the implementation of different learning contents for the transfer of competences in the environment of industry4.0, but also allows the variation for different target groups, e.g. production managers, foremen and machine operators.

A Learning Factory as a Didactic Concept

- How you can today's employees prepare for tomorrow's industry?

- What educational concepts can you develope, that consider the human being as a subjective learner in the technology-driven environment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The highly flexible simulation environment allows the use of a variety of educational modules, which are based on a didactic concept. This framework serves both for the structured development of modules for use in industry4.0 scenarios and for the systematic and targeted selection of modules for curriculum-based training. It enables trainers to control the targeted transfer of knowledge and competencies.
The educational approach of subjective learning in the didactic framework of the learning factory considers the human being as the center in a highly complex, constantly changing environment of industry4.0. The transfer of knowledge and competences can thus be controlled by the learner and used according to need.

Industry 4.0

- How you can develop concepts, that guarantee successful knowledge transfer in complex industry 4.0 projects?

- How do you evaluate the benefits of these educational concepts?

The evaluation of the success of a targeted knowledge transfer and competence acquisition can be conveyed and tested in the hybrid simulation environment as well as determined with little effort through success controls. The targeted influencing of simulation-influencing parameters not only allows the testing of shown contents, but also the practice-relevant generalization of relevant competences in various scenarios.
The highly flexible simulation environment enables a multitude of educational approach applications. These can be used in isolation, in combination or in variants and can be evaluated in applications of industry4.0 components. The replication of the current manufacturing environment enables the testing of different approaches with regard to current problems and new potentials.

The individual version of our demonstration platform for you:

The infrastructure is individually adapted to your needs. During the joint conception phase, your requirements for the simulation environment are assessed. We then present you with possible solution alternatives. In the third step, the project is implemented.

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