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Didactic concept

The Learning Factory in the Application Center Industry4.0 focuses on an employee-oriented approach to the Industry4.0 concept. In continuing education projects, participants are encouraged to reflect on their own working environment and possible changes with the help of practical experience gained. This is already a first step towards sensitisation.

The cooperation between companies and the team of the Application Center Industry4.0 is structured in three phases: In the first phase, qualification plans and learning target agreements are drawn up on the basis of discussions with employees and management in the company and a plan is drawn up for the implementation of sensitisation measures. In the following phase, the qualification and sensitisation measures are carried out on the basis of the identified needs and the corresponding relevant learning modules and module modules, so that a tailor-made further training is realised. The practical implementation can take place both on the part of the competence facets to be trained, result-oriented learning scenarios or the concrete contents to be trained. The contents are taught either practically in the laboratory or theoretically or in mixed forms in training rooms. After the training has been completed, the degree of efficiency of these activities is evaluated in the third phase. In addition to measuring the success of the further training measure, it will also be possible to identify further needs for action and further training.